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Becoming a Member

The club welcomes new members of all abilities, from complete beginners to internationals. There is no minimum standard, just a willingness to train and become part of a club dedicated to the enjoyment of athletics. We welcome sprinters, throwers, jumpers and middle distance runners, and offer coaching specialists in all disciplines. If you are unsure of the process for joining, or wish to get advice on which coaching group might suit you, please speak to any member of the committee, write to the Chairman or come along to the track, watch a training session and speak to one of our coaches. Our juniors train on Monday and Wednesday from 6.30-8pm, and our seniors on Tuesday and Thursday, from 6.30-8pm, at the Horspath Athletics Track.  Both seniors and juniors are advised to train with us for a few weeks before committing themselves to membership. After that we will expect you to join, and to be available to compete for the club if selected – see the sections on track and field, sportshall, cross country, road running and quadkids. All athletes are expected to compete for the club at least twice in each season, unless injured. Juniors in particular are expected to compete twice during the summer track and field season. See How to apply below.

Waiting List

We have had a waiting list for our junior section (under 13s) since 2017. At present (July 2018) the waiting list is closed – we are not accepting any new names onto the waiting list. We will only accept new names onto the waiting list and reduce the current waiting list when we have been able to recruit more coaches. If you wish to offer your services as a coach, please contact us. If you want your under 13 child to join the club, we are sorry but we will not add them to the waiting list at present. For over 13s there are some spaces for sprinters, throwers and endurance athletes.

Training Fees

Training fees are currently:

Members – juniors £2.50, adults £3.00

Non members – juniors £2.50, adults £4.00

These rates will be reduced during the spring of 2018 – keep an eye open for news of when the change happens, and the new rates come into force.

It is recommended that potential new members attend up to three training sessions before applying for membership.

Membership Applications and Renewals

The Club subscription year is from March 1st to February 28th. New members joining after 30 September will pay a reduced amount. Prospective members are allowed four weeks to decide whether to join before the membership fees become payable.

The subscription rates for 2018/19 are set out below.

There are seven membership types:

Type Fee  Key Benefits
First Claim Competing Senior (20+) £55 Full membership entitles you to attend any coaching sessions led by OCAC coaches and to compete for the club in cross country, road running and track and field teams. Includes £15 England Athletics Affiliation Fee. Membership of England Athletics has many benefits, including discounts when entering road races.
First Claim Under 20 and  Student Rate £55 Student and under 20 membership entitles you to attend any coaching sessions led by OCAC coaches and to compete for the club in cross country, road running and track and field teams. Includes £15 England Athletics Affiliation Fee.
First Claim Junior  (under 13-under 17) £55 Older age group junior membership entitles you to attend any coaching sessions led by OCAC coaches and to compete for the club in cross country, road running and track and field teams. Includes £15 England Athletics Affiliation Fee. You must be under 17 but over 11 at the time of application
First Claim Junior (under 9 and under 11) £55 Junior membership entitles you to attend any coaching sessions led by OCAC coaches and to compete for the club in cross country, sportshall and Quadkids. You must be under 11 but over 8 at the time of application. Includes £15 England Athletics Affiliation Fee (under 11s) (not applicable to under 9s).
Family £110 Minimum of three members, one of whom must be a Junior or Full time student. To apply for Family Membership you will have to register and pay for two family members at the full buy adipex online with a prescription rate (£55). To add further family members you will need to apply for Vouchers which you can redeem online for further free memberships. To apply for Vouchers please use the JOIN US form below, and in the “Reasons for Joining” box, write “Application for Additional Family Member Voucher”.
Second Claim £10 Second claim membership entitles you to attend any coaching sessions led by OCAC coaches and to compete for the club in cross country, road running and track and field teams provided you comply with relevant league rules. Does not include £15 England Athletics Affiliation Fee which will be paid by your first claim club.
Associate £5 Not training or competing – you are nonetheless welcome to attend the club as a volunteer or spectator, and you will continue to receive communications from the club.

How to apply

If you are seeking to become a new member or renewing your membership, this can all be done online. Prospective new members, having spoken to us and visited training (seniors), or come off the waiting list (juniors) should complete the form below; once you have pressed the ‘Submit’ button you will not receive an immediate response, but we will receive an email which tells us that you wish to join, and why. Do not expect an instant reply, but you should hear from us within four or five working days, by which time we will have decided if we can offer you a place. We will then send you a link to make a full application and a membership payment.  Renewing members will receive an email from the club inviting them to renew online, and this email will contain a link to take you to the payment screen. When renewing, please check that we hold correct details for you, and for your emergency contact – address, contact details etc.

Once you have joined the club or renewed your membership you can make changes to your address, contact, or family details through our on-line membership system by logging into your account from our home page. Please make every effort to keep your details up to date – remember that this is how we keep in contact with you, so we need up-to-date information for all of you.

For those unable to use the on-line system, membership application forms can be obtained from the Membership Secretary, and payment can be made in cash or by cheque. Payments by cheque should be made out to “Oxford City Athletic Club” and sent/given to the Membership Secretary. Payments in cash should be handed to a member of the committee at the club.

For those not willing to enter card details online, you may still renew your membership using the online system, but select an alternative means of payment.

A Hardship Fund is available for members who may, for one reason or another, find it difficult to pay the annual subscriptions when they become due.  In the case of hardship applications (in confidence) should be addressed to the club Chairman.

Data Protection

When you become a member of, or renew your membership with Oxford City Athletic Club, you will automatically be registered as a member of England Athletics (except under 9s). We will provide England Athletics with your personal data which they will use to enable access to an online portal for you (called myAthletics). The data we pass on is as little as possible:  name, date of birth, gender, address. England Athletics will contact you to invite you to sign into and update your MyAthletics portal (which, amongst other things, allows you to set and amend your privacy settings). If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with England Athletics, please contact

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  • Please provide a short overview of why you are interested in joining OCAC as a member. This may be because you are already involved in athletics but want a new club or coach, or because you have recently moved to the area. You may be completely new to athletics - just tell us in a few words what you are looking for in our club. If you are interested in a family membership please provide some details about the number and age of your children. Remember, once you have pressed the submit button it may be a couple of days before you get a reply from us.
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