Senior Training

Senior Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for athletes aged 13+ to veterans and encompasses all abilities from relative beginners to individuals competing at county, regional and national level. Both the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions include throws, jumps, endurance, sprints and combined discipline events. The Senior training coaches and groups are outlined below.


Coache(s) Training Focus Entry Criteria
Anthony Palman-Brown Senior Sprints & Middle distance group: focussed on 100m-400m sprints & 800m-1500m, with emphasis on speed endurance, agility, strength & conditioning, flexibility plus multi event training in the summer. 16+ male and female seniors and veteran athletes looking to improve their speed and running efficiency over distances from 100 to 1500 metres.
Domenico Angiolini Sprint and middle distance events from 100 to 800 metres. U13 to U17 athletes wishing to combine sprint and middle distance training.
John Exley Endurance athletes aiming to compete in track, cross country and road running events. 18+ male and female senior and veteran athletes looking to include fast paced 200 to 1500 metre intervals in their weekly training regime.
Paul Kelsey The group aims to provide friendship, fun and success for U19 to U17 athletes aiming to compete in XC, Park Runs and relays in winter and summer track events from 200 to 1500 metres. There are no performance criteria for this group which caters for U9 to U17 juniors.
Phil Huxley & John Atyeo Endurance training for U13+ athletes, focused on XC in winter and middle distance in summer. Athletes aged 13+ aiming to compete in cross country and middle distance track events with a 1500M time under 5:30 or a Park Run time around 22 minutes.
Richard Hart and Gareth Davies Intermediate Sprints group: focussed on 100m-400m sprints, with emphasis on speed endurance, plus all jumping events in the summer. Aged 13-18. No performance entry criteria, just an enthusiasm for running fast, willingness to train hard and a commitment to competing.
Marcia and Ian Marriott The group is focussed on high performance sprint and multi-event training. U15, U17 and U20 athletes competing in sprint and multi-event competition at regional or national level.


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