OCAC hosts junior training sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings and senior training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Both junior and senior training sessions take place at the Horspath athletics track, starting promptly at 6.30 pm, and finishing between 7.45 pm an 8.0 pm. The cross country and endurance group also schedules extended runs aimed at both junior and senior athletes on Sunday mornings.

Junior Training: The Monday/Wednesday training is aimed at junior athletes (aged 13 and under) and includes all disciplines: throws, sprints, endurance, and long/high jumping. Monday sessions are by invitation only and are reserved for athletes who have demonstrated commitment to both training and competition. The Wednesday sessions are open to all athletes – and are suitable for both beginner and experienced athletes aiming for selection in county and national competition.

Senior Training: The Tuesday/Thursday training sessions cater for athletes aged 13+ to veterans and encompasses all abilities buy phentermine bulk from relative beginners to individuals competing at county, regional and national level. Both the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions include throws, jumps, endurance, sprints and combined discipline events.

Sunday runs: The endurance group runs on Sunday mornings from Horspath athletic track on routes which extend from Shotover Woods to Wheatley, South Parks and University Parks. The runs vary in length from 4.5 miles to 10+ miles. We always aim to have one run dedicated to younger runners (older runners are welcome to join us) capable of running 4.5-5 miles in around 50 minutes at an easy pace  (this is roughly equivalent to a Park Run time under 22 minutes).  The aim is to introduce younger athletes to steady paced running and provide them with the endurance base required for training and competition over all distances from 800 metres to the marathon.

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